How to join the

and other FAQ

The Purpose of the Project
To make known lesser known Georgers.

1. You must be registered at Where's George?.
2. You must have a Where's George? Profile.
3. You must be able to anon email at least one message.

Is my profile "cool" enough?

It does not matter how cool your profile looks. Many Georgers who joined the Project began with dull profiles and have since jazzed their profiles to an exceptional level of coolness. If you want to jazz up your profile I recommend firstly, to add a WG Random Profile Project link to your profile (see the "Support the Project" section below), and secondly, to take an HTML Tutorial. It's the same one I took when I first learned HTML. I still recommend it.

How to Join the Project

If you would like your WG profile to be added to the Project anon email Caleb with the text:

include my profile

Why by anon email?
Every WG anon email includes the sender's WG username as well as a link to the sender's WG profile so it is not necessary to include the URL of your profile in the anon email. This also ensures that you are submitting your profile and not someone else's profile.

Am I in the Project?

If the Project has been updated since you sent the "include my profile" anon email, then your profile is most likely in the Project. To check for yourself go to the current list of profile URLs and search for yours by hitting Ctrl+F and searching for your profile's URL.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind are welcomed and appreciated. Feel free to anon email Caleb at anytime with any concerns.

Support the Project
Show other Georgers that you're fan and add the Where's George? Random Profile Project to your profile.
Copy and paste a link code below to your profile:

Link Style 1:

Where's George? Random Profile Project

Join the Project

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Link Style 2:

My profile is part of the

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